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Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating offers high-quality service for your plumbing, heating, sewer and drain, and air conditioning needs. Since 1956, we have dealt with all sorts of issues, so we are HVAC technicians and plumbers in Surrey, BC who have a wealth of experience under our belts. We are able to fix any problem, big or small. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we value quality in all our work.

Our technicians are comprised of some of the most highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable plumbers Surrey, BC has to offer and more. Each technician receives regular training in his field, so his skills are always up-to-date. We can deal with older machinery as well as the latest advanced technologies. We are experienced in servicing all of the major brands of equipment. If a problem strikes in the middle of the night or during the holidays, don’t sweat it. Our company provides HVAC and plumbing services Surrey homeowners can rely on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are prepared and eager to repair faulty machinery and address other issues at any time.

Surrey BC Plumbing

A pipe bursting in the middle of the night is an unsettling experience. One second you are sleeping; the next, water is pouring out of a pipe onto your floor, flowing everywhere and damaging your carpet, hardwood flooring and furniture. The water from a burst pipe can even come into contact with electrical appliances, creating a potentially deadly high-voltage hazard. If a pipe bursts, or if you have any other plumbing issues, call us to fix them at any time. Our service vehicles are always stocked with a wide variety of plumbing fixtures, so we have plumbers in Surrey, BC who are ready to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Do not let a nighttime plumbing problem turn into a nightmare.

Preventative maintenance is also important when it comes to plumbing. Nothing is more infuriating than finding out that your plumbing has been malfunctioning for some time, damaging your property and leaking water – and money – without end. A leaky faucet might seem benign enough, but over time the water can damage building materials, cause mildew and rot wood, not to mention all the money you are throwing away on the water bill. Because of the potential damage, it is vital that you not only fix any current problems with your plumbing, but also perform regular preventative maintenance. This will help to avert any leaky disasters in the future.

Surrey BC Heating

No one likes to be cold in the winter. Sitting in a cold building all day puts anyone in a sour mood, and can even make it easier for people to transmit diseases. A pleasantly warm building, however, instantly raises the mood and relaxes a person. However, issues with heating equipment impact more than just your comfort level.

Like plumbing problems, issues with your heating systems can be both costly and dangerous. Old or malfunctioning heating systems waste enormous amounts of electricity, hitting your wallet hard. They can also start fires. Everyone has heard of a house being burned to the ground by a heater that was left on for too long. We will ensure that your heating system is running at the utmost efficiency. Our technicians are experienced with every sort of furnace and boiler. Gas, propane and electric heating devices are no problem.

Surrey BC Air Conditioning

Poorly air-conditioned buildings suffocate those who enter with their stifling heat, humid air and often unpleasant odor. Failure to keep a building properly air-conditioned will result in unhappy – and sometimes smelly – inhabitants. Excessive heat saps a person’s energy and can even be dangerous.

Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating can make any building wonderfully cool on the hottest summer day. Such pleasant coolness does not need to cost a fortune, however. Our air-conditioning solutions save electricity. Many of our air-conditioning systems are also relatively inexpensive. We can install new systems for you or repair any system you already have. Play it cool and contact us today for more information about our air-conditioning services, or any other issues you may have.

Surrey BC Drainage & Sewer

The drainage systems connected to a given building are not something most people consider on a daily basis. That is, until something goes horribly wrong. A clogged or otherwise broken drain can quickly result in disgusting sewage flooding a building or gurgling out onto the street. This unsightly mess is something that should be avoided at all cost.

Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating can install, repair, clean and maintain a variety of different sewage and drainage systems. The systems we install are of the highest quality. We have various systems suitable for a wide variety of structures and purposes. If you purchase one of our systems, or even if you already have a drainage system installed, we can have one of our Surrey plumbers clean it and maintain it so as to prevent potentially expensive problems in the future.

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