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Not only will you save on downtime and repair costs, but maintenance on your plumbing, HVAC, or drainage systems can make all of these features work more effectively – increasing energy efficiencies and saving you money.

Milani Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has a proven track record of delivering reliable, cost-effective solutions to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

How Preventative Maintenance Will Benefit Your Facility

Proper cost management is important when running any facility. Our services are designed to save you money and the most valuable workplace asset — time. In being proactive with your facility’s maintenance needs, you can realize many benefits, including:

  • Equipment cost savings (ownership and operation)
  • More reliable equipment (less downtime)
  • More efficient systems (energy savings)
  • More comfortable buildings and amenities

By having a preventative maintenance program in place, you can better respond to the needs of your facility, instead of reacting to the next thing that breaks down and disrupts your operation.

What’s Included with Preventative Maintenance

We are experienced with all types of commercial systems. We serve a broad range of clients, from small condo complexes to large-scale municipal contracts. It is estimated that our services save our customers millions of dollars each year in reduced insurance premiums, energy savings and repair calls. While our services are tailored to your operation, it commonly includes:

  • Parts cleaning or replacement
  • Mechanical adjustments
  • Lubrication
  • System checks
  • …and more

Following each preventative maintenance call, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines the work performed as well as any suggestions on how to save money and extend the lifespan of your plumbing, drainage or HVAC system.

Additional Benefits

There are many benefits to signing up for our preventative maintenance service, including:

  • Smart, healthy and clear budgeting
  • Open Communication
  • Priority emergency service
  • Energy audits, measurements and cost savings proposals

We take a customer-focussed approach to planning projects and delivering guaranteed results. Through strict attention to detail, we will consistently meet and exceed your expectations. In partnering with your property manager, building manager, strata council or stakeholders, we will forge a relationship of productive communication. The close relationships we build with our clients allow us to provide consistent satisfaction and guaranteed peace of mind.

Start a Preventative Maintenance Program

The commercial specialists at Milani Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning will create a custom-tailored preventative maintenance program designed around the needs of your facility. We are industry leaders providing our customers with over 60 years of fast, fair and reliable professional services.

We look forward to building a strong working relationship with your staff and keeping your facility running as smoothly as possible. To get started with a preventative maintenance program, contact Milani Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at any time, or complete the Commercial Services Inquiry form.

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