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Are you concerned about viruses, bacteria, dust, or other allergens in your home? We can help reduce the number of airborne and waterborne pollutants with products for health and wellness! Milani is proud to offer products for air and water purification in your home or business.

UV Air purification

The sun is actually nature’s disinfecting machine! UV radiation kills bacteria and viruses by breaking down their DNA and RNA. If you’ve ever gotten a sun burn, then you know firsthand how effective UV rays can be! Indoor air and surfaces don’t really get much exposure to sunlight, but we have a way to bring it inside! UV Air purifiers expose your air to radiation as it circulates in your home, removing pathogens of all kinds. UV disinfection is commonly used in hospitals for the safety of its staff and patients and can be effective for your home as well! Find out how we can install UV filtration systems in your home!

HEPA filtration

High-efficiency particulate air filters are great at removing particulates like dust, bacteria, pollen, mold, and much more! HEPA filters are used in the biomedical industry to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria. They can include a microbial coating that kill off live bacteria and viruses that get trapped. HEPA is a reliable and proven method of reducing air pollutants in the home that has been used for decades. Find out how we install HEPA filtration in your home or business with a free estimate.

Water Purification

In addition to air purification, Milani offers water purification as well! If you’re concerned about your water quality, Milani has a solution for you. Our trusted plumbing experts will install a system that will give you confidence and peace of mind.

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Proudly Canadian owned and operated