In some water damage situations, demolition may be a necessary part of the restoration process. Some of the areas within your home that have been damaged beyond repair may need to be removed to inhibit mold growth or protect you from harmful asbestos fibers. Special demolition techniques are required for this type of water damage restoration. To maintain the structural integrity of your home, demolition after a flood should only be performed by highly trained technicians. Most importantly, a certified demolition contractor understands the safety concerns and risks involved in any type of demolition job.

The professionals at Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating are fully trained in the latest demolition techniques. Our technicians provide demolition for all types of building materials. The experts at Milani are trained in each stage of the water damage restoration process, from the initial cleanup to mold remediation and demolition.

Basement Mold Removal

Basements are ideal for mold growth inside many Vancouver area homes, particularly after a flood or major water leak. The buildup of moisture, lack of ventilation, and commonly stored materials, such as cardboard, promote the growth of mold. In most flood situations, items in storage and some building materials need to be removed so that they can be fully restored. Each situation is different, however, and our flood restoration technicians have the experience and knowledge it takes to determine the proper steps for each scenario. We will save your belongings and building materials whenever possible, but it’s always important to call us as soon as you can to prevent mold damage in the affected areas.

If your home has a finished basement, most of the building materials that are commonly used in homes are also ideal for mold growth. Carpets, dry wall, insulation, and wood are all organic materials that mold uses for food, and when the conditions are right, the mold will grow quickly and can damage these materials beyond repair. In this case, our mold remediation experts will remove all mold damaged materials and control the moisture so that you can replace the materials and prevent future mold growth in your basement.

Demolition Safety

Whenever demolition is needed for flood damage restoration, safety is the main concern, both for the workers and the residents. This is why it is important to hire a trained professional to remove construction materials, and in some cases, walls and other structures that are damaged beyond repair. The expert water damage restoration technicians at Milani Plumbing are trained to take the proper precautions before demolishing damaged materials. We will brace and shore the walls and floors to prevent injury and to protect other structures from damage. We will also test for hazardous materials and properly dispose of them after removing them from the site.

Our technicians are certified to sample building materials and test for asbestos in areas that have been damaged by water. Asbestos should be left alone if it is in good condition, but once it has been damaged, it can release harmful fibers in the air and should be properly removed from the home. You should not try to remove asbestos from your home on your own. Only a licensed professional has the proper safety equipment and training to sample and remove asbestos.

Demolition Planning

Before any demolition project, our expert technicians will assess the situation and plan accordingly. It is important to know what protective gear and safety equipment will be needed, as well as how many technicians are needed for the job. Understanding and planning for potential hazards is another important step in this process, and our demolition experts have the experience and education to plan for these situations. Having a comprehensive strategy for any demolition job is necessary to protect workers, residents, and to prevent further damage to the home. Safety is our top priority, so before we begin the demolition project, we always evaluate the entire scope of the job and take the proper precautions to prevent safety hazards.

Water Damage Demolition Experts

If your Vancouver area home has been affected by water damage, it’s important to call us as soon as possible to prevent further damage and for your own safety. When you call Milani, you can be sure that you are getting the fastest and most reliable flood restoration contractors in the business. Call us for all of your water damage cleanup needs. You can count on our qualified technicians to restore your home and belongings safely and efficiently.

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