Ductless Mini Split System Installation and Repairs

Easy heating and cooling

Mini splits are a popular solution for their easy installation, efficiency, and space saving design. They are so ubiquitous in other countries that homes and offices are often designed to have them installed. However, installation is so simple they can be installed in older homes without any problems!

Different types of systems to suit your needs.

Wall mounted mini split
Wall mounted mini split
Cassette type mini split
Cassette type mini split


No matter what the weather, you’ll be able to set the temperature to your desired level. There’s no need to buy a separate heater and air conditioner because mini splits do both!


Both heating and cooling are so quiet that you won’t even notice that it’s on.


Heat pump efficiency combined with zone control will keep your heating and cooling bill lower than they’ve ever been.

Climate Control Where You Need It

Ductless mini splits only deliver heating or cooling to rooms that need it. That means you can cool down a room with a large, sunny, window without cooling down the rest of the house. Or you could heat up a cold living room without turning up the heat in your bedroom. With mini split technology, you don’t have to waste energy dollars on rooms that don’t need climate control!

How does your A/C Mini split heat pump work?

Investing in home comfort with the purchase of a heat pump is a great choice for anyone interested in energy savings. A heat pump is perfectly capable of withstanding year-round moderate temperatures. Heat pumps from Milani will give you all-year performance and comfort by heating or cooling your home according to your needs. They’re the perfect solution to complete comfort in the home.

A heat pump system is able to allow heat to be carried from a lower to a higher temperature level inverting natural heat flow which is from higher to lower temperature. The feature that makes heat pumps so well-suited to our climate is their ability to move heat from outside to your home’s interior on demand. When you want to cool your home, the heat pump collects the heat from inside your home and moves it outside. This process is carried out by a little device called a reversing valve that switches the cycle back and forth. Heaters and air conditioners are single-function units, but a heat pump’s reversing valve allows it to act like two units in one convenient package.

How an A/C Mini split heat pump works

  1. The compressor collects heat from the outside air and transfers it to the mini splits inside your home. It’s perfect for BC cold winter days.
  2. The indoor unit distributes the heat throughout your home or business.
  3. In the summer the system works in reverse, transferring heat out of your home, cooling your living or work space.

We feature Mitsubishi and Lennox mini splits

Find out which Mitsubishi mini split system is best for you! We also have Lennox mini split models! Contact us today for a free quote and consultation about your heating and air conditioning needs.

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