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Keep your basement dry and your foundation protected with properly installed drain tile systems from Milani Plumbing Drainage & Heating. For drain tile with optimal performance, turn to a company that has solved drainage issues since 1956. Drain tile systems are critical for your property as they allow excess water to drain away from your house. Older systems will eventually deteriorate and may be insufficient to your drainage needs.

Drain Tile Repairs, Installation & Cleaning

The licensed professionals at Milani are experts in perimeter drainage, drainage tile repairs and the installation of drainage lines. We can even provide drain tile scoping which will quickly find the source of your problem. With a thorough inspection, we can determine if you need repairs or possibly a replacement to a modern system that will last for years. If you’re looking for drain tile cleaning that results in reliable performance, you can count on Milani.

Drain tile

Water Injection System for Extended Dry Spells

Did you know that drain tile systems can do more than channel excess water away from your basement and foundation? In fact, drainage tiles can be installed alongside footers to serve as a water injection system during a drought. Many homes are built on soil with extremely high clay content, which can compact to a severe degree during extended dry spells. Without appropriate drainage, the footers of your foundation can fail. Consult with our professionals to learn more.

For complete drain cleaning or the installation of drain tile systems, contact Milani Plumbing Drainage & Heating.

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Proudly Canadian owned and operated