6 Interesting Facts About Boilers

If you have a Boiler in your home or are considering upgrading your home heating system, there are a few important things to know before your new installation.

Here are a few interesting facts about boilers: 

1- A great amount of your energy expense comes from boilers

Depending on where you live, energy consumption may vary. Almost 50% of houses use energy for heating and cooling, and we can say it’s primarily from the boiler. It’s really important to get it checked as a good part of the heat generated can be wasted if the boiler is not working properly.

2 – It’s important to do maintenance even if it’s spring or summer

It’s likely that you may not pay a lot of attention to the boiler during spring/summer, right? But even during downtime, maintenance is crucial and it helps avoid bigger system breakdowns.

Also, during fall, have a professional clean up and ensure you won’t have any problems when you really need the boiler: in wintertime!

3- Boilers Don’t Always Boil Water

Homes built after 1950 are most likely not to boil water to produce heat. In a boiler system, the heat exchanger is a tube over the burner flames, through which water flows.

As the water flows over the flames, it is heated to the proper temperature before moving on to heat the house. Because of the way the heat exchanger is constructed, the water is not supposed to stay over the flame long enough to boil.

4- Boilers Recycle Water

Boilers utilize a closed system. This means that they recycle heated water repeatedly and don’t use any more energy than the majority of the other available heating systems.

Often, they are actually the most environmentally friendly choice, especially if you select a high-efficiency boiler installation. This will keep your energy bill low and helps you save money on your water heater.

5-  An upgrade can do great things to your home, your wallet, and to the environment

Did you know that homes waste around 35% of the generated heat? If you choose to upgrade to a high-efficiency boiler, you are definitely going to reduce waste and increase your energy efficiency in your home heating.

6- Check the colour of the pilot light

The boiler’s flame should be a clear blue colour when working properly. Don’t ignore if you observe a different colour. Call a technician, we’re here to help!

  • A yellow or orange colour is a sign of inefficient fuel or carbon monoxide.
  • A red colour is a sign of tar, oil, or dust in the HVAC system. 

So, take some time to take a look at your boiler and see how it is doing. By doing a quick check-up, you can save time, money, and possible future big repairs and headaches.

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