How much is a Hot Water Tank in Vancouver?

Are you thinking about replacing your hot water tank? For most consumers, the price is the key factor for choosing what tank and who installs it. Getting a deal is always great, but making a smart choice is usually better. Making a poor choice could result in higher overall costs, or worse yet, damn you to a life of lukewarm showers.

Usually, installing a hot water tank costs anywhere between $1200 and $2600 to purchase and install. Most homeowners end up spending around $1500. The final bill will often be driven by 4 factors.

  1. Size or Capacity
  2. Electric or Gas
  3. Installation Difficulty
  4. Plumber

By considering these factors, you will be able to make an informed decision about the kind of tank and installation you need.

Size or capacity

The most common sizes for hot water tanks in Vancouver are 40, 50 and 60 US gallon capacities. The following chart can help you decide how large of a tank you may need.

The size is often dictated by how much water you typically use. Smaller tanks require less energy to heat and are cheaper than larger tanks by a significant margin. A household that uses more water at once will need a larger tank to tend to their needs.

Electric or Natural Gas

Typically, the upfront cost of an electric water heater is lower than one that runs on natural gas, but they also have a tougher time recovering hot water and the cost of electricity is much higher than gas. 

First-hour Rating (FHR) is the name of the test to measure how quickly the water will reheat.

TypeTypical FHR

Generally speaking, a 40G tank water heater that runs on natural gas can fill itself with hot water in less than an hour while an electric tank can take two hours or more.

Installation Difficulty

Under ideal conditions, an installation can take around 2 hours, however individual quirks of the home, the condition of the piping, and the condition of the previous water heater will affect the overall installation time and cost.


Choosing a trustworthy plumber is the key to maximizing the efficiency and reliability of your investment. Hiring a plumber who isn’t properly trained or experienced can result in installation deficiencies. You’ll want to choose a company that holds a Contractor License and at least a Class B Gas Fitter license from Technical Safety BC. You’ll also want to hire a reputable contractor that guarantees its work and products. 

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