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HVAC Safety the Whole Family Should Know

Posted Apr 6, 2017

HVAC Safety the Whole Family Should Know

Your home’s HVAC system is designed to maintain a comfortable indoor living space. To maintain the efficiency and health of your home environment, here are a few pointers the whole family should know.

Whether your home heating system uses oil, propane, natural gas, or geothermal, an annual inspection by a qualified professional is essential. Between inspections, there are certain things that the homeowner can visually ascertain to prevent expensive repair bills.

• Periodically ensure that there is no evidence of oil leaks or stains around the fuel tank and lines. Pipe connections should be tight and free of corrosion.

• Fuel lines should be encased in a protective conduit.

• Don’t allow children to play on or around a fuel tank. Consider installing a protective barrier that is maintenance accessible.

• Keep the outside path to your fuel fill-up valve clear of debris and encumbrances. Heavy snow, icy pavement or thorny shrubbery can contribute to needless accidents.

• Know your tank’s storage volume. When your fuel company fills your tank, calculate their figures with what you know your tank can hold. A decrease in volume could indicate either leakage or condensation inside the tank.

• Visually inspect overhead ductwork. Disconnected ducts can be a pathway for carbon monoxide to enter your home. Mold growth on ducts can enter and contaminate your home’s air supply. All channels should be sealed, with no tears.

• Don’t block return air ducts. This will reduce the efficiency of the system.

• Never store combustible products such as paint remover near your furnace.

• Replace furnace filters at least once a year. A properly functioning filter helps prevent dust from entering your home’s breathing environment.

• Air conditioning ducts are especially susceptible to condensation and mold growth. A regular cleaning schedule will prevent costly repairs later.

• Have a professional inspect and clean your air conditioning evaporator coils annually. Apart from increasing the efficiency of your unit, this will remove any accumulation of bacteria, mold and pollen.

Keeping your home’s climate comfortable is easier when your HVAC units are consistently maintained. By following these easy pointers, your system will give its best performance for many years.

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