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Pipe Inspection Cameras

Posted Apr 6, 2017

Many homeowners who call a plumber out to their home know that they have a leak, and often they know exactly where that leak is. Some water leaks cause profuse amounts of water to seep into a home from an obvious location, such as the pipes located right under the kitchen sink. These leaks are easy for a plumber to identify. Other times, however, a homeowner may see obvious signs of a leak, such as when a damp area appears on a wall. A plumber may have a difficult time pinpointing the exact area where that leak is, however. On other occasions, a homeowner may simply suspect a leak because he or she has noticed an increase in water consumption after reviewing a water bill.

When the location of a water leak is not obvious, a plumbing company must do some research in order to pinpoint the location of a leak. One method that some plumbers use to locate a leak is to simply start tearing down drywall and look for the leak with a visual inspection inside the walls of a home. By cutting small patches of the drywall in strategic locations, a plumber enjoys the benefit of viewing the pipes visually. A plumber may get lucky and find the leak with the first patch of drywall that is cut out. In some cases, however, several different patches of wall must be cut before the source of the leak is identified.

Some plumbing companies have taken a step toward minimizing the damage inside a home when searching for a leak. Pipe inspection cameras are now available for plumbers to use to identify leaks and other types of pipe damage. They allow a plumber to visually inspect pipes throughout the home without the need to cut a single patch of drywall. While pipe inspection cameras are becoming more commonplace, many plumbers still do not make use of them in their regular work activities.

If you have a leak inside your home, you no doubt are concerned about the damage the leak is creating. The last thing you want to worry about is the additional damage a plumber may cause while he or she searches for the source of the leak. If you are in need of a plumber today to locate and fix a leak, consider the many benefits associated with using a plumber that makes regular use of pipe inspection cameras in work activities.

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