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Showerheads that Save Water: Low-Flow Shower Heads.

Posted Apr 6, 2017

Canadian households use more water per capita compared to most countries around the world.  Around 15 percent of a home’s energy use goes into heating water. To save water and to save on the fuel that it takes to heat water, many Canadians are turning to showerheads that offer low litre-per-minute water flow rate of showerhead products.

Early-model low-flow showerheads left much to be desired, but improvements in technology have resulted in better products. The best low-flow showerheads on the market now deliver a refreshing and stimulating shower experience while reducing hot water use by up to 50 percent, saving homeowners money on both water and energy bills.

Many consumers find that aerated low-flow showerheads are the most satisfying. By mixing water and air, the water flow feels more substantial. Aeration does have a cooling effect on the water, however. While they are more expensive, laminar showerheads may be a better option. Laminar technology uses multiple but individual streams of water that can better retain heat.

Sometimes dissatisfaction in low-flow showerheads comes not from the fixtures but from low water pressure. A professional plumber can assist homeowners in determining if adjusting the system’s pressure regulator is indicated. Sometimes replacing the pressure regulator is necessary in homes with low water pressure.

Homeowners can undertake a simple test to ascertain if they could save money by installing a low-flow showerhead by measuring how much water collects at normal pressure. If a container or a bucket collects more than a gallon of water in under 24 seconds, chances are that a new low-flow showerhead will save the homeowner money.

To ensure the best low-flow showerhead purchase, it’s important to evaluate the water stream’s force and to check any optional settings or features. Naturally, the price of the showerhead is important as well. Homeowners will also want to consider decorative options. Low-flow showerheads are available in a broad array of colors, sizes, finishes and style. A skilled, certified plumber is best equipped to both recommend effective low-flow showerheads and to replace conventional showerheads with the new low-flow units.

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