Property owners often have to deal with the use of furnaces in order to heat their homes. Homeowners have the choice between either a downflow furnace or an upflow furnace. The difference between a downflow furnace and an upflow furnace is simple. An upflow furnace is the most preferred type of home furnaces. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not have homes that are very compatible with the upflow furnace systems. Both of these types of furnaces have their advantages as well as the disadvantages.

An upflow furnace creates heat by taking the air from the bottom area of the furnace. And then heats the air and pushes the warm air from the top portion of the furnace. A downflow furnace works in the opposite way. This specific type of furnace takes air from the top of the furnace, heats it and then expels it from the bottom of the furnace. Homeowners that have an upflow furnace are required to place their furnace in the basement of their home. This is done so that the heat can efficiently rise to the many levels of the home.

On the other hand, a downflow furnace is always placed at the highest point of the home. This location is almost always the attic of the home. This position allows for heated air to be released onto the lower areas of the house in a downward flowing pattern.

Homeowners that are faced with increasing energy bills can greatly benefit from placing their furnace in the correct position in the home. By placing the furnace in the correct area of the house, the furnace does not heat air that does not require to be heated. In general, upflow furnaces are considered to be more effective and efficient because of the simple fact that heat rises. Downflow furnaces have the disadvantage when it comes to working with what is natural for the environment because they need to counter the natural tendency of hot air.

Of course, not all homeowners have the luxury of having a finished basement where they can install their upflow furnaces. If the homeowner lacks a basement or an available space to install their upflow furnace, they end up losing a lot of heat that is created through their attic and outside the window, regardless of the measures that they take. Upflow furnaces also provide a higher quality of life because of the comforts that they provide. Homeowners prefer heat that is created by rising from the floor, as opposed to he that is created by descending from an attic.

In the winter months, rising heat can be very effective in warming of the floor and feet of the homeowner. This option is biologically the best option for homeowners because it leads to physical comfort. In comparison, a downflow furnace expels hot air from areas such as the attic, which ends up heating and individuals head and upper extremities first. This can lead to physical discomfort because of the direction of which the hot air is originating.

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