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Why We Use a Camera in Your Drains

Posted Apr 5, 2017

Sometimes leaks may be obvious, but other times it can be much harder to pinpoint exactly where your leaking is coming from.

Signs that you have a “hidden” leak can include an increase in water consumption. Your municipality may send you a letter warning of the increase in used water and advise that the cause of the extra water may be due to a possible leak in your drainage system.

A leak like this would most likely be outside of your home and connected to your main water line (water coming from the city). A camera inspection can be done to see the extent of the damage and pin point exactly where the crack in your pipe is located.

In addition, a camera may be used after a drain has been cleared to make sure that the job is 100% complete and there are no sneaky roots or build up hiding.

It is important to note, however, that if there is a lot of water backed up, the camera work must be done after the water/blockages have been cleared. This is so the camera can get clear visuals.

You can also request a line be camera’ed if you are having reoccurring issues. Sometimes, a blockage can be located far down your drainage line and can be missed by technicians. The use of a camera can help identify issues and be used as a “double check” after the line has been augured.

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